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Re: QR Codes
Feb 28, 2011, 07:11
Resonox wrote:
megadread wrote:
Each to his own.
As for the call, it was to my mum and private so i wont go into detail.
Feel free to call the cops anytime. ; )
Saying it was a private call and adding a sentimental to my mum doesn't make it any more right.......If there was something in your life so personal which meant you HAD to climb Silbury against all the signs asking you not to...then deciding it was the best time to make an important personal call from there....rather than quickly get down and get home to say it in person only smacks of self-justification to try to excuse your original boast, bearing in mind you claim that you made the phone call it wasn't someone phoning you and you answered them.
Strange how people will always have their phone with them no matter what the situation...but need to piss on monuments to see the carvings because they can't carry water(although 250ml bottles are easy to keep in a pocket).

I'm getting pissed off with all this tit for tat arguing and what is coming around to personal attacks. This is supposed to be a discussion forum where we can all enjoy what is supposed to be a shared hobby. Unless we all move on from this more and more members are going to leave or simply not bother posting any further which will result in only the views of a select few holding sway. I don't want to be part of that as lifes too short.
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