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Developments at Avebury
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Re: Developments at Avebury
Jul 05, 2011, 07:35
Sian wrote:
neighbourofthedrude wrote:
I can't be arsed to read all the replies here so I'll just put in my sugestion and bugger off again.
There is only one thing I'd like to see at Avebury/Kennet/Silbury.
Won't cost much.
Won't spoil the vibe man.


Make them out of wood/stone/plastic I'm not fussed.
Just put them out there for the dirty bastards to see and maybe use.
Sort me out a couple and I'll put them out myself.


The subject of rubish bins has been raised time and time again. The problem is that if you site bins, they constantly need emptying, which requires paid man power and resources, neither of which the NT can fund.

The principle theory currently is that if there are no bins that people take their rubbish home with them. To some degree this does work at Avebury, there is generally very little litter around the site, and the few bits that there are, seem to be swept up by other well meaning visitors/tourists or the Guardians.

This is the same reason there are no benches to sit on within the circle. If people are encouraged to sit then they tend to generate litter. It's a little harsh I feel on the older generation, and those less abled people who would like to gently walk around the site with periodic stops. However, there is nothing stopping people taking their own chairs in the site, and it also reduces the possibility of vandalism and damage within the area.

There are one or two bins for the placement of doggy poop, but they are right off the beaten track, and not that visible, which again defeats the object in my book.

When you consider the number of visitors to the site, there really is a remarkable lack of litter and vandalism, so I guess the logic does work out.

I agree in the main but the parish council chair and clerk in recent years has had regular moans about litter. At the new NT cafe I didn't see a bin when visiting at solstice but a week later the same litter was in the alley by the loos. As for vandalism even the church was vandalised in recent times. And what do we mean by vandalism? Painting the stones, climbing the stones and Silbury Hill, Ridgeway vehicle tracks, parking on verges, Ridgeway camping, people moving or taking archaeology home, breaking windows, lighting fires, defecating in people's gardens? These are all things mentioned in gripes.

I personally don’t want to see litter bins in and around the monument routes but a strategic bin at the NT café site would improve matters.
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