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Edited Mar 06, 2011, 15:45
Re: In defence of Avebury
Mar 06, 2011, 15:41
Littlestone wrote:
“...the Big Society has something to be said for it (when it comes to communal caring for megalithic sites at least), the way in which it works has yet to be determined. We have already proposed that enthusiasts should take on responsibility for regular inspection of every site and we will be suggesting to NT, EH and others a possible way for them to make access to information extend far beyond what they offer on their information boards, by showing people how they could tap into online sources supplied by enthusiastic amateurs."

More here under the title In defence of Avebury.

Very good article LS; no one who claims to care about Avebury could do anything but support what you say. The Bonds Garage development was unfortunate, it cannot be denied, but the general public were kept out of the picture until after planning permission had been granted - so information needs to be more widely available to everyone (not just the people who may benefit) before anything gets to the planning permission stage. Do you (Heritage Action) have a strategy to ensure this happens?
NB: This is a genuine question regarding something I consider to be real issue ie dissemination of information on a larger scale not just within archaeological circles ('scuse pun).
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