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Developments at Avebury
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Re: Developments at Avebury
Feb 17, 2011, 12:16
Littlestone wrote:
Well said, think I agree with everything there. This bit though rings very true -

A simple trackway for wheelchairs around the henge would brighten the lives of many many people who are missing out on so much that we all take for granted. There is so much more that could be done to enhance everybodies enjoyment of what our fantastic great ancestors have bequeathed us.

Yup, we’re so often not allowed, or can’t, ‘get up close’ but provided no harm is done to an object or site that provision should be encouraged.

There was a sculpture exhibition at the British Museum some years ago called Please Touch. In a world where we’re so often told not to touch this was a refreshing change... the exhibition was principally for the visually impaired.

I have a problem with all what we are proposing though and one that I have raised before. None of this will come cheap and if too much is done then you must be prepared for the thing we have all dreaded...having to pay to enter the henge! No matter what we all think it really is only a matter of time. If the money can't be made or raised one way that will be the last resort...and it'll be taken for sure! I don't mind personally as long as it is reasonably charged but as we have seen at that place 20 miles down the road, don't 'bank' on it!!
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