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Developments at Avebury
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Re: Developments at Avebury
Feb 17, 2011, 20:39
nigelswift wrote:
I think it's worth reflecting just how skint heritage bodies have suddenly become. The cake won't stretch and it's no good us lot of all people saying we don't want to pay a few quid.

True enough and I have very unpleasant feelings towards the shower that are currently "running" the country. I sympathise with the difficulties the heritage bodies face (e.g. EH), but NT are somewhat outside of that and in my opinion have always been keen to overcharge.

You are right that we "of all people" should perhaps be the most willing to pay, but if I'm honest it would put me off going, in favour of going somewhere else. As I said about Stonehenge in another thread, it all starts to eat into the experience and I don't want to visit Avebury and be disappointed by it. The place being spruced up, organised, manicured, gift-shopped and over-santised won't get my vote to be honest. I would rather see any money being spent on conserving the henge banks and stones, rather than on the "periphery".

nigelswift wrote:
We've had two people come to Megameets from America twice, we're very lucky to have it in our country.

There is no doubt, we are lucky to have it. But we're lucky to have a lot of other sites too, some of which are viewed very highly by TMAers but never have a penny spent on them. Stonehenge serves a purpose in drawing the crowds away, but I'm not sure I want Avebury to become a similar magnet, which a more manicured approach might well bring.
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