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Re: The worst kind
Feb 22, 2011, 17:11
nigelswift wrote:
VBB wrote:
The WHS is supposed to take priority and one wonders what on earth is going on?

Yes. The WHS ought to take priority.
Every time it doesn't a little bit more deterioration is bequeathed to posterity.

It's strange, it looks like Stonehenge is finally being put back to the way it ought to be whereas Avebury is subject to incremental loss. Both processes can't be right, in the same WHS.

When you think about it in geographic terms - in the last three years Avebury’s local authority planners have granted permission for the development of three sites on the northern, western, and eastern thresholds of the henge in addition to the change of use creating a food outlet which will open in the very centre. The northern approach to the henge is now dominated by housing, as you guys illustrated so vividly, in addition to which a large house is replacing a bungalow at the western end of the High Street, and to the east another house will replace a bungalow on Green Street, and directly in front of everyone entering the henge by road from the south will be the food outlet at the centre of the henge.

If one can’t rely on Wiltshire Council planners to limit the impact of developments to protect something so special and unique it is granted the status of being a World Heritage Site, or expect the National Trust to see the hypocrisy in a conservation body opening a food outlet in the centre of the largest stone circle in the world whilst being party to a £multi-million attempt to remove similar facilities to a more respectful distance from dare I suggest a smaller diameter and less ancient stone circle at Stonehenge - then what next?
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