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Soundtracks Of Our Lives 15/02/04
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Moon Cat
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Soundtracks Of Our Lives 15/02/04
Feb 15, 2004, 18:59
Grrr - looks like Joolio's in detention again.

Soundz of the moment for me...

Mr Night & Mr Day - This Is It. Lovely ambience, beats and electronic pleasure for ears and brain. A real unsung gem for floaty and fungal folk.

1 Giant Leap - 1 Giant Leap. Kinda dance and world music melange put together by ex Faithless bloke and another dude. Very nice mix of global beats, chants and a few rock n pop peoples. Even the presence of R****E W******S on it doesn't spoil it for me, given that it's a good song (w Maxi Jazz) and tune-although I did note that, given the kinda global unity/one world concept of the album and everyone else's songs, his lyrics still feature "Me" and "I "prominently and are about him. Figures.

Pressure Of Speech - State Of The Art. Dug this out for first time in ages. Righteous mix of electronica and ambience and heavy beats. Forgotten it's coolness

Pressure Of Speech - Our Common Future, Our Common Past. See above!

Oceansize - Oceansize. Huge, epic swathes of indie, metalish, prog and even MBV slices of noise. Manc 5 piece make massive sounding debut. Really loving the sheer scale of it all. Nu-Prog? Dunno, but ambitious and satisfying! Turn it up and sink into the maelstrom.

Gonga - Gonga - Still delighting with its Kyussish stonger grooves.

The Psychedelic Breakfast - ...in Uncle Sams Basement Emporium. Very nice n all - but given all the refernces to psychedelia, it's not trippy enough. It is basically enthusiastic, melodic indie with the odd (quite effective) trippy flourish. Full marks for doing all songs in one take all together...but I wanted more weirdness! Think the La's doing longer songs with spacey bits.
Still, they're all dead young, so early days. Good luck to 'em!

Amused By Genitals - EEEUWWWW! That'll never come out!

King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon. I love the way that, in this period, they could go from pastoral whimsy to unsettling discordance in a heartbeat!

Queen - News Of The World. Seeing as Brian May and Roger Taylor seem determined to crap on all they've done (awaiting almost inevitable response....), thought I'd revisit an oldie but goodie.
Love the proto thrash of "Sheer Heart Attack!"

Julian Cope - Jehovah Kill. Will never tire of this!

Think thats mostly it! Have a nice week!
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