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Re: civilization
Apr 23, 2003, 14:31
rite... now i've heard about that babylon place, ( awlways had thot of it as a childs fairy tale place... funny how close i wuz huh?) evidently it's a big dealio with the paulian's / christian's / jews (yeah read an article at the weekend where the guy was explainin that christians are actually jew's.... hmmm...made mrs. ron read it and i could tell by the look on her face and how she put it down on the coffee table when she reached that punch line...) anyways those types r well freaked over all this shit as the new testament book of revelations regards the destruction of babylon as the end / beginning...wotever.... oh well gives 'im sumthing to worry about... as well they should! this shite ain't over by a long shot, and all those smug "we won don't cha know it awls" will turn to "wot da fuck 'ave we done?"

ride safe and keep the faith...

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