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who will entertain your moron?
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Annexus Quam
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who will entertain your moron?
Apr 03, 2003, 21:31
A journalist who's spent some time with US marines reports how many carry cameras with them for taking pictures of the Iraki corpses they encounter and take the piss out of their ‘trophies’ later on in camp.

Asked about whether they knew they were standing on the ancient ruins of Babylon, they replied: ‘who gives a shit?’. I’m sure they’d pierce them with bullets like their own native-American heritage sites are shot at. I’ve seen photos of these lard-filled soldiers as they slept and I must say I wouldn’t shed a tear if every one of them fell dead. Their faces are reported to get a sort of 'animal-like' expression as they prepare for battle. I'm sorry, but I think they're only filth if that's what they're taught in Soldier School. I'm not surprised they're quite amazed by the British army's 'professionalism' (ha!).

Besides, for each of their pompous funerals, 100 innocent women and children are left un-mourned. One bomb is reported to be being dropped in Baghdad right now every four seconds. The US spokesman has even admitted using cluster bombs in civilian areas, which are illegal, and that for me, is a clear sign of a *very debased character*.

Sooner or later, these gun-adoring lunatics will move somewhere else in the world. Shame on all those that support them. I mean, over 90% of the population in most European countries are against the war, huge DAILY demos, strikes, road-blocks, etc all in protest, I mean, even the people I thought very little of, do NOT support it.. I really find it surreal that there may be someone somewhere *in favour* of this illegal war. I feel for the first time a very strong sense of community, hugging the old and the young, the bad and the good, the pretty and the ugly, the rich and the poor. We all share a common feeling: FUCK this war (and their advocates).

As Rhiannon says, it's hard to have to share the planet with ignorant morons. The puzzling thing is why are they listened to at all????
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