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Buzzard of Morfe
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How to escape?
Mar 01, 2001, 13:31
You can't cut the tethers, you can only try and soak them off over time.
Change can come quickly as an individual though? Giving up TV is a good place to start. There is always then the 'sad' person label that gets thrown about! Fortunately its far easier to sparkle socially if you haven't a TV, while the dull Johns and Janes are forever quoting adverts and soundbytes, you could pull a great coup and riposte with some well-considered quote from Emerson or Goethe. Perhaps ;-)

Joking apart, life away from marketing and slavering hordes is more fun, its just hard to convince people without example, so the best place to start is at home, as ever? Surely?

No Brand, No Logo, No endorsement, No TV, No confusion. Some might think that involves no choice, but you only have to look at the people in one of those big shopping parks to see what 'choice' did.

Freek on.

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