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Buzzard of Morfe
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Re: marketing to teenagers -
Mar 01, 2001, 13:11
Thanks Aaroneous, I did read the above link, and yes, it was engrossing, very! I was especially struck by one of the teenagers comments on marketing, she succinctly and eloquently indentified it as 'pollution'. She was aware that her mind, in its formative stage, was suffering pollution. We all of us have grown up having seen far more commercials than we have had hot dinners, and the mind gets fat and flabby from them, no matter how hard you try, nearly every social interaction these days has some resonance and allusion to a something or someone who is making money by getting us to talk about them and buy their goods. It's not a new concept of course, but its going global and hyper at a terrifying rate.

On a similar note, I think that revolution is now being marketed effectively, and I find that truly terrifying. The same friends I went to Anti-Nazi demos with 10 years ago are now listening to Eminem? Someone tell me why it is cool to hate women, gays, transvestites, children etc..(I imagine he left blacks out because he's scared shitless)?Why it is cool and ironic (waggy quote finger bullshit style) to listen to some white guy spouting hate, yet raking millions from malleable teenagers and not-so-teenagers?

John Lennon said 'all you need is love?'
Today we might reply: 'well, what are shops for then?"

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