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Razor Penguin
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Re: How to escape?
Mar 01, 2001, 21:19
Right on, Brother Morfe!

There are so many pathways "into the world," and for me Henry Miller was a doorway to the life I wanted to lead and am trying to lead. Being inspired by Miller led me to seek out what had inspired him, and I became more and more entrenched in Life the further I went. Even more important than the specific writers he turned me on to (Dostoevsky and Goethe are particularly huge) was his contagious attitude about life and art and the relation between them. I'm so much more excitable now, and I have a very strong idea of what I like that I didn't have before.

One day when I was 17 I was returning a defective copy of Deep Purple's "The Book of Taliesyn" at a record store. The guy behind the counter said "All right! Now we'll have something good to listen to in the store." Before I knew it he had become one of my best friends and he started lending me tapes and albums. The first tape he loaned me had the entire second side of Amon Duul II's "Yeti" on it. I couldn't believe that there was really music like this, and I never turned back.

So I think the key is to become more sensitive to what YOU really love deep down, and to follow that feeling wherever it goes. A Joseph Campbell kind of thing. And as you go along the TV and radio bullshit fades away. It's still there nattering away like it always did, but it doesn't affect you nearly as much. Kind of like people who start exercising regularly and realize they don't need their cigarettes any more.

Shit, I could go on all day on this subject.

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