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Annexus Quam
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Mar 02, 2001, 00:20
Fear rules our lives and that's the reason for the existence of MTV or margaret tartcher or guns or the church. Life alone is too...'empty' for most and needs to be filled. But therein lies the secret. To be able to get rid of it all and then integrate the Light into your life at pleasure.

'Kind of like people who start exercising regularly and realize they don't need their cigarettes any more'

This is the feeling I now get when I hear people talk about current MTV muck or hated bands - I am an absolute ignoramus regarding modern youth culture and, although I know that may not be good, the alternative to this kind of self-imposed isolationism is not too good: all too bland and tame out there. I only play music from my own record collection (which grows acc. to recommendations from trusted fellow explorers), every once in a while my mom tells me what's happening mom-wise (like the price of carrots is going up) and incoming emails set my course of action. With a few exceptions, of course - Normally all spam goes automatically down the drain but I stumbled upon one the other day with the subject 'are you happy with the size of your penis?'. It was probably one of those american companies willing you to buy something by first... making you un-happy. It dawned on me that all snivilisation is based on a dying lie, so the course of action is to consider 99% of modern culture as internet spam.

I haven't checked him ever since but a good mystic that I read as a teenager is Krishnamurti who taught me to clear myself of ideology or creed and act accordingly by ignoring what's been called here... 'pollution' (=free your mind and your ass will follow). Get rid of your radio, tv, pet hates, even books etc Once this has been achieved (harder than you think) your clean mind acts like a radio receiver. It is at this time that you begin to appreciate signals and discriminate between essential and non-essential, and you begin to BE. Otherwise spend a couple of weeks in isolation or meditation, with no pollution from civ-ill-lisation until you have freed your mind.

A few KM quotes:

self knowledge cannot be given to us by another

opinions about facts can be denied but a fact can't be denied

so long as we cling to ideas, we cannot experience Truth from moment to moment; what *IS* is constantly changing so the mind must not be tethered to any particular dogma or pattern of action

revolution in society must begin with the inner transformation of the individual

self-understanding does not come through the accumulation of experience, which is merely the cultivation of memory

Our problems are so complex that we can solve them only by being simple.
creativeness is instantaneous

life is not a process of becoming something; that is: pain, strife, struggle.

love is neither memory nor experience; you cannot think of love; we use relationship as a means of furthering achievement but it is only BEING (=existence)

have the capacity of meeting everything anew without the conditioning reaction of the past

if one does not make an effort to run away from what one is, one lives with emptiness, with which there is creative action (=happiness)

so long as there is identification of the ME there is pain and fear but when I identify myself with something worthwhile and greater (Beauty, Life, Truth, Belief) there's escape from fear. Fear is the non-acceptance of what IS.

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