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marketing to teenagers -
Mar 01, 2001, 00:20
Hi, folks!


I don't usually post to this forum, but I've been completely engrossed for the last hour or two, and you will be too, by the link above. The interviews are especially captivating. As someone who turned on eMpTy V at the age of 7 to find the spaceship going to the moon, with "Video killed the radio star", pictures did indeed come and break my heart. I became an image obsessed grade schooler, who hated pop culture but was driven by notions of being "radical" as implied by fruit roll up commercials and skateboard clothes companies. In some ways, I paid more attention to the "cool" that was paraded in front of me on the tube than the "cool" that was implied by my classmates, causing me to dismiss most of them offhand as "uncool" for having parents who still dressed them.

It's not all bad, though. In the early days of MTV, the 120 minutes program featured some great videos, and I never would have discovered the Art of Noise if it wasn't for their obsessive pursuit of all that is weird. Still, the "closed loop" of marketing driving trends and culture, yet feeding off of it as well, seems to be getting more stiffling . . . And it's something as simple as having the cartoons and sitcoms of your youth being a generational signpost, something you can talk about at a bar, and everyone glows inside reminiscing about the commercials of yesteryear . . .

The question is how to escape, and I leave that to each of you.

I'd be interested to hear what you all have to say about it, though



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