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HMV about to enter adminastration!
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Re: 25% off... or is it?
Jan 20, 2013, 12:03
Fitter Stoke wrote:

And another thing: regarding HMV's refusal to honour their own gift vouchers, what could they do if you left a £10 voucher on the counter and openly walked out of the shop with goods of an equivalent value? Call the police? As far as I see it, there's a legal contract operating here that only HMV are breaking.

I think somebody did that in Dublin last week, before they physically closed all the HMVs across the country. Think he got away with it.

I've seen that the note that's up on the door on the Galway branch suggests getting back to credit card companies and attempting to get money back that way, but you have had to pay that way to do so.
I know somebody on my course has got stuck with a €50 token that he got for his birthday or Xmas. Really bad news.

Looks like the sit ins in Limerick, Tallaght etc have been successful. Or at least nominally, wages are supposed to be being paid off this week. Didn't hear if that was just up to date or if there was severance pay but would assume the former. Must be havoc for anybody who is financially tied to anything else who was expecting their weekly wage to be ongoing. Simple things like rent & food in coming weeks will be a pain, but I guess you can anticipate that. Or at least it presumably shouldn't need to be pointed out, probably happening more widespread these days but at least I would assume normally you'd have some kind of forewarning.

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