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HMV about to enter adminastration!
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Moon Cat
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Edited Jan 14, 2013, 23:04
Re: HMV about to enter adminastration!
Jan 14, 2013, 22:54
The main HMV in Manchester was pretty good in its hey day. It was usually cheaper than other high street retailers - Virgin being the one down the road in this case - and it had a wide range of stuff in its specialist sections.

It was certainly a major haunt of mine in times past though they did definitely lose their way.

I'll be gutted if/when the Fopp in town goes as a knock on effect of the HMV situation, especially as it's survived one round of closures already. As well as being good for prices and range with albums, books and DVD's - some of those previously unobtainable/unaffordable Cope/Unsung recommended albums suddenly available and affordable -the staff are nice folk and seem to be into their music. And it's a nice little place to potter round.

Ordering stuff online or downloading is fine, and obviously kinder on the pocket for the most part. But it doesn't yet quite feel to me as satisfying as a hunt, rummage and sniff about for stuff, especially with the occasional serendipitous delights that may result if fortune smiles on the day.
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