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HMV about to enter adminastration!
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Moon Cat
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Re: HMV about to enter adminastration!
Jan 16, 2013, 17:05
Nice response Fitter and interesting to read.

My only concern with the notion of things being reduced to a coterie of music-centric specialist shops, as attractive a notion as that may seem at first glance, is that it runs the risk of music and the buying of it being sidelined into a collectors market with all the costs and possible elistism that might result. At the moment I think we on this forum are, as music fans, in a fairly nicely balanced position of there being a mainstream market and yet having the wonderful further reaches of the weird and wonderful available too. I think would be a shame if the more casual music buyer would find themselves effectively shunted out of the arena and music was just a specialist and collectors game. It should be for all I reckon; from the obsessive for whom catalogue numbers offer a way to enlightenment to the person that buys one Adele album a year.
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