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HMV about to enter adminastration!
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dave clarkson
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Edited Jan 15, 2013, 02:49
Re: HMV about to enter adminastration!
Jan 15, 2013, 02:08
Not too sad about this news really apart from the jobs going. Tend to agree with Ars Moriendi above. HMV global left behind the innocence of youth many many years back. Anyone could see the signs of closure - pc tablets, clothes, m and m's, etc. I've also never seen a shop sell so many different types of shit head phones.

HMV were always expensive. Slightly less so then Our Price records back in the day but still taking the piss. No wonder they acquired FOPP and Zavvi - they were serious threats to their business. Their biggest mistake was not reforming their business model especially as a commercial website retailer embracing new methods of music acquisition.

HMV never stocked or supported small labels unless you had the cash for bar coding your CDs. They didn't support new music. FOPP were slightly better in this way and remain the traditional or 'hippy' angle of the HMV business model. Hopefully they can find a way of the FOPP survival - think there's definitely the market for it.

Got a HMV token as a Xmas present and spent nearly a whole afternoon looking for something new and interesting - ended up spending it on a music magazine and a box set of Most Haunted. If it was an Amazon token it would have taken me 30 minutes to find something.

It's kind of nice thinking that the tangible stuff is increasingly being left to folks like us trading through websites and the small gathering of independent shops too. Less is more.

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