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Re: A chronology of sorts
Dec 10, 2016, 03:21
I really hope you get beheaded by ISIS one day. You'd be the prime candidate for that.

Imagine that. Letting myself be insulted by a piece-of-shit failed comedian like you, huh? Like you think that would be 'good' for me
Well go on, dipshit! I know you're dreaming up something else to add to this, like another of your despicably retarded insults! Maybe another one of your 'gifts' of something worse than the garbage and bedbugs you 'offered' me before! Or maybe you and your junkie bitch is too busy shooting up at the moment having a 'good' time so you can brag about it! I'm waiting...

Go on, you started it! I will end this, junky boy! You really don't like being called a 'boy', do you? That's why you call me a 'reverse homophobe', but I'll tell ya something bud! I don't care about any junky bitch you go out with! And the plain fact is you are anti-gay, probably to the point of being a closeted homosexual...
Like I give a shit about your right-wing neocon talking point.
junkie trash!

Junky-boy, yeah I said it. Proud to be a 'reverse homophobe' or an 'odious wanker' in your words... :D You don't like anyone calling you 'boy' do you? How ironic you call yourself what you are... Don't forget YOU are the one who called pooley 'effeminate' here, smart guy! And all your excuses were nothing but pathetic!
Go on, I'm sure you have a rough life you pathetic loser...

Frankly thanks for giving me a reason to live and having you to pick on. I never thought HH could be so much fun until now! Ever been bullied at school little boy? Bet your disgusting posts only prove they were all right all along!
junky boy! You had your run and somebody must end it.


I'd be alot happier if you were lost at sea, pussy!

Look in the mirror, what do you see? A horse's ass, that's what I see.

Pity, I bet you don't even have a girlfriend. I'll bet you couldn't even get it up...

In fact in the future I will refer to you as little boy. That's what you've become. A totally insignificant little boy. A racist little boy.

Oh yeah wimpy boy? Think anybody cares anymore little pussyboy?

Actually dhajjieboy is too much of a nancy boy to be a bully. Really, does someone with a pussy name like that expect to be taken seriously by anyone?

Fuck you!

You sound like that George W. Bush supporting fuckwad Quexalcote, who I'll bet probably supports Trump now (as you do...)

Pussy! Ha! Retarded little pussy as dumb as a box of rocks...

you second rate punk!

As a matter of fact I do, retard! I can't tell the difference between you or any government security asshole, which would figure...

How about having one stuck in YOUR ass?

Talk about mad, how's the looney bin you've been assigned to, freak?

Methinks you have alot in common with Trump. Can't control yr fuckin' mouth...

You are just a pathetic junkie wanker and an asshole. I really don't care what I said in the past, as you are not even remotely a good human being or anyone I would call a friend. Any taunt you get you deserve.

I wonder if 'your lady' happens to be a pathetic smackhead like yourself?

YOU are the one who is the most vile, scumbag. You don't write the rules on how to troll people so anything about you is open season.

Again I have to pity any woman that has anything to do with anyone as vile as yourself, junkyboy... Why don't you just shoot yourself in the head like Kurt Cobain did?

Motherfucker gay-hater called me a racist.

If Dhajjie were a band he'd be Agnostic Front who I hate...

What kind of drugs did you take anyways? PCP?

Hopefully the next time you are off the wagon it'll be antifreeze and you go blind.

Hey junkieboy!

No wonder you have a candy bar as your avatar. Total reference of being a smack-addict as anything. Bet Scott Weiland taught you everything you knew!

So let's just hope you OD someday on really bad stuff and I find out where you're buried so I can piss on your grave! Something to add to your collection, you phony anti-gay 'angel'!

BTW just stole an old avatar from Dodge One/dhajji. Bet when I give him a taste of his own shit, it'll be so foreign to him!

Continue being a shill you dirty piece of shit! I can fuck-up any stupid attempt at being cute that you continually post here. All I fucking want to!

I've got every right to hijack your scummy-minded threads.

What can a wimp like tampon-boy do to me anyways?

I think you've been watching too much Fox news, asshole!

I'm quite happy to annoy that dirty little cunt.

Like I'm supposed to be overcome with guilt as far as what I had to say about pussyboy, but it won't work.

And that stupid cunt is still here. Fuck!

Hey dhajjieboy! The guy I jam with is Jewish, ha ha ha!

{about a Thousand times now}

No one here fucking cares about a bunch of smelly camel-jockeys

Honestly I'm not sorry I said any of this.

I never cared for what anyone thinks

And I ain't sorry. You must be a camel-jockey yourself. Ha!

C'mon I'm building a body of work here, curated by you scumbag!

Eat yr own shit, scumbag!
It's what's inside your skull!

More stuff for dhajjieboy to wank over!

Funny that you don't have an avatar. I suggest this, muslim extremist dipshit!

Go ahead with your phony politically-correct bullshit! Everyone knows you're just a fake. A phony. Go ahead and repost it like the coward you are, 'cos I look forward to it!

I was taken for a ride by the Satanic/Nazi "Apocalypse Culture"

:) Ho ho ho! I really love to annoy you.

Good I really hope you catch flesh-eating bacteria

Little boy should've been slapped by his mama

Go fucking pat yourself on the back

Maybe retardo-boy really needs to get hit by a truck

Actually I hope this flame war continues. I miss it sooo much especially since
I haven't had this much fun since quexalcote and sonic rendevous stopped posting.

dhajjieboy was mentally deficient and insane was bad for people with mental issues

dhajjieboy screams like a monkey

Yeah well what's in the name YOU chose, pussy-boy?

This is what you said, pussy-boy!

At least they weren't racist like your scummy hero

For a scumbag who said this

go get a fucking life, ya dipshit!

Why doncha just fuck off?

Go back to your EDL chapter and cry in your fucking beer about it!

Have a good time with your EDL thug friends, fuckface!

you anti-Muslim bigot.

Why doncha go get hit by a car or something?

I'll bet if we take that mask off your face you'd just be the worst scumbag on earth!

You can fuck off

I think his crime is making crappy music and being responsible for mediocre crap like Peace Train.
And he should be taken to the wall and shot for this

I can post whatever I fucking want here

call me a fucking racist or any other fucking ugly thing you can think of

Fuck you!

Hasn't he got something better to do like get a fucking job or something?

Glad to make your skin crawl, motherfucker!

Yeah well what about what you said here, scumbag?

I really hope you die and go to hell and have to listen to Yoko Ono!

He's a racist you let off the hook, scumbag!

C'mon pussy-boy, make a parody of yourself!

YOU really don't care either, pussy-boy!

scumbags like you scream like monkeys

So you admit being a troll. Game over pussy-boy

The more you act like a bad parody of
yourself the more nasty stuff I can think of posting

Just to remind you of what Clapton is, how he dwarfs anything I could say, scumbag!

Really? For being a racist cunt?

Hey I bet you must be really retarded. Maybe that dullard Eric Crapton
should do a long and boring set of slow fake-blues to help you out...

And maybe if we're lucky the Islamic State will drop a bomb on both of you
and Crapton's other equally-boring fans... Cheerio!

I'll bet that dhajjieboy must be a real wimp
who wouldn't even win a bar fight if he even tried anyways!

Anyways something needs to be said about the 'politically
correct' way this pussy called dhajjieboy operates.

The scumbag dhajjieboy agrees with!

Allah Akbar! When you gonna blow yourself up at a McDonalds already, dipshit?

This asshole just does not give up!

those pathetic church burnings

Too bad you didn't wake up dead, scumbag!

I look forward to when you're gone although I will miss tormenting you in that case...

I would've said anything just to annoy dhajjieboy anyhow.
My excuse is simply because dhajjieboy is a scumbag.
And someone who both likes Eric Crapton and that disgusting jihadist Yusef Islam.

And more stuff for dhajjieboy to wank over

BTW here's another instance of dhajjieboy's favorite people

Allah Akbar! Just keep going, cunt!

Go pat yourself on the back, dickheadboy! Pretend you care so much about racism.
Bet ERIC won't be doing a benefit for those churches.
In fact I bet he must be gloating about it to himself. Ha!

Thanks for the idiotic spam, Osama..."Allah Akbar!"

Go on with your phony concerns Osama. We really know you are an ISIS agent...

I always cheer when any of them die. I don't
care about how 'poor' they are or why they do what they do.

Oh I'm gonna keep going bud! YOU started this and YOU thought you were gonna have some
fun trashing me here. I ain't gonna stop, and I think it's fun mocking you because
people like you are inherently worthless.
Not much better than the torturing military scum I was glad died...
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