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Election Day.........
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Edited Nov 13, 2016, 16:33
Re: Election Day.........
Nov 13, 2016, 16:29
I find your analysis generally true, but not appropriate for this specific venture in time. Relatively speaking, Trump is an anti-establishment candidate; certainly more so than Clinton, and also more so than any major candidate in my lifetime (the closest would be Ross Perot from '92). It's not a simple case of "he's a billionaire so he must be tied with the establishment." That would be like saying "Obama's black so he must be anti-establishment." One-size-fits-all thinking only allows the elite to perpetually control us. Unless we learn how to judge people based on their policies, and the way the elites respond to these policies, we will never be able to overthrow our "masters."

In Trump's case, once it became clear during the Republican primaries that he wasn't just a "joke candidate", nearly the entire Republican establishment turned against him. And once he won the Republican nomination, nearly the entire media denounced him. Previously, the corporate-controlled media would always appear "neutral." (That's because it didn't matter who won - the result would be the same.) Newspapers would be fairly evenly divided over which candidate to endorse - Obama or Romney, Obama or McCain, Bush or Kerry, ho hum... But this time, over 90% of the media endorsed Clinton. And even Republican "stars" such as Bush, Graham,etc. were saying they were going with Clinton. Because they knew that Clinton represented their interests.

So the fact that Trump received the same amount of votes as Romney does not mean that it was just the same Republicans who voted for Trump. Lots or Republicans jumped ship to Clinton, or voted Libertarian. At the same time, lots of Democrats and first-time voters went to Trump. The reason they did so is because they realized that the propaganda they've been indoctrinated with is nothing but BS. That so many people voted for Trump despite the media overwhelmingly telling them not to is truly remarkable. It suggests that people are finally waking up.

Will Trump keep his promise to "drain the swamp"? I think he ran predominately to stroke his own ego, and in order to carve a path toward victory, tapped into a lingering pool of resentment that other politicians had arrogantly ignored. But now that Trump has unleashed that anger, it's going to be hard to put it back down again. Ideally, we will go on to drain the swamp with our without Trump.

Finally, we should ask ourselves - does the liberal elite really care about the downtrodden and dispossessed? No, they only engage in their PC shenanigans as a form of cognitive dissonance;to shield themselves from the extent of their crimes. Despite their talk of "inclusion", white flight is still an issue, America has the largest prison population in the world, many of the inner cites are in a state of near collapse, and (in my mind worst of all)we continue to economically strangle and/or bomb to oblivion any "non-white" country that dares to defy us. The reason why the US has an immigration "problem" is because we've destroyed the global South. If Trump keeps his promise of isolationism - even if he cloaks it in racist "America first" rhetoric - the result is going to be better for the global oppressed than any amount of fake-leftist PC mumbo-jumbo spewed out by Obama, Clinton, or the like. It's time we judge our "leaders" by the effects of their actions, not the pretty sounds of their words.
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