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Election Day.........
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Edited Nov 09, 2016, 14:19
Re: Election Day.........
Nov 09, 2016, 14:14
I called it a landslide to Trump after watching countless hours of coverage and hearing so many pissed off white working class voters (who are still the majority of US citizens). It probably WOULD have been without the "pussy grabbing" scandal.

The markets, media and political classes are shocked.


The opinion polls don't work anymore. Who the fuck are on their lists?

As around the World, the American people wanted change. Bernie Sanders was cheated out of his nomination by the Democratic Party establishment fixers who put Hillary's selfish naked personal ambition before the interests of the people. And the wider world.

One change candidate versus a hopeless corrupt, unpopular pillar of the establishment. There could only be one outcome. They did it to themselves. Now we all have to suffer.

I don't blame people who feel hopeless - who've been ignored by the elites for far too long and shafted by Globalisation and job losses - for latching on to ANYTHING that gave them hope back. Even The Donald.

We could all have been celebrating a Sanders presidency today...

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