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Election Day.........
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Edited Dec 10, 2016, 14:06
A chronology of sorts
Dec 10, 2016, 03:19
Lawrence wrote:
Woah now, you know what you are doing is illegal, bud?

Sorry Lawrence.... did you say something?

Wooo! Sister bitches doing it for themselves, huh? Dhajjie-girl being the most disgraceful and ugly whore on this board, of course...

Ha! Epic fail ya cunt! Now go fuck your dirty junky girlfriend, bitch!

I was just telling my friend on Facebook Ian Decay about how vile you are. I've been reposting your garbage there quite a bit actually...

OK you stupid little whore! Go and play your games you cunt! I'll just change my privacy settings...

I think you should look in the mirror and find out who's really to blame for this, bitch!

You go girl!

Oh, did I happen to mention that Castro was a far better human being than dhajjieboy or Eric Clapton? I raise my glass...

I would not ever dare to look at your stupid links, junkie-boy. Probably more of your despicable Islamophobia, or more likely something alot more vile like home movies of your mother.

You think you have the right to call me a nazi, poopy-pants!

So you think you can dictate how people think on this board, pussy-boy.

Fucking retarded scumbag wanker! Fucking gay-bashing smug-assed ass-kisser! Fuck your mother!


I don't even bother to read your pathetic opinions on anything, scumbag!

Don't bother even trying to say you're sorry! I'll only be gone when you leave this forum!

We all know what you have to say is right-wing neocon pablum.
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