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Election Day.........
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Edited Nov 11, 2016, 09:42
Re: Election Day.........
Nov 11, 2016, 09:05
Seems 53% of women voted for Trump.
Or rather, voted against Clinton.
Something tells me most women can't identify with the aspirations of the 'glass ceiling', it's so distant and irrelevant to them to the point it becomes off putting, even patronising.
There are millions of women struggling with the basic grind of being doomed to make the same mistakes of their mothers and their mothers mothers.
I see them round here, too many kids, too many bad relationships, dysfunctional upbringings.
A feeling of real helplessness, so Clinton goes and rubs mega rich Beyoncé and Katie Perry in their faces, coz it's all 'sisterhood'.
Albright, telling women they got a special place in hell if they don't help Hillary, even though Hillary wasn't really saying much to help them, and Hillary cheered.
Am I over simplifying?
But Christ these things do need a bit more attention.
There does exist a 'disenfranchised' and there does exist a 'liberal elite' and no one seems keen to press the 'discuss' button.
As it is, I can't see Trump lasting the distance.
Seems he was on Twitter last night to condemn the protests.
That's not for him to do, before he gets the gig for real already proving he'll have the attention span of a goldfish.
All the work that's to be done will be done around him and more than likely on his behalf.
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