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Election Day.........
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phallus dei
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Re: Election Day.........
Nov 09, 2016, 16:40
thispoison wrote:

One change candidate versus a hopeless corrupt, unpopular pillar of the establishment. There could only be one outcome. They did it to themselves. Now we all have to suffer.

I don't blame people who feel hopeless - who've been ignored by the elites for far too long and shafted by Globalisation and job losses - for latching on to ANYTHING that gave them hope back. Even The Donald.

We could all have been celebrating a Sanders presidency today...


Very well put. A Sanders presidency would have been a much more optimistic outcome. But Sanders lacked the vision (and the money) to break with the Democratic establishment. He tried to play by THEIR rules, and predictably, lost.

Trump's an egotistical bigot, but he's done a great job at exposing the hypocrisy and arrogance of the ruling elites. He's like the bumbling court jester who has the courage to point out the Empire's failings. And boy is the Empire failing!

The Greek vote to reject their IMF bailout, the Brexit vote, the continued (and inspiring) political struggles in Iceland, and now the Trump vote - these all suggest that the neo-conservative / neo-liberal paradigm that has strangled the world since the late 70s is crumbling before our eyes. This collapse is not happening the way I would have preferred (aside from in Iceland), but it's happening. Out of this necessary chaos, perhaps we will finally begin to have the world we deserve.

Here are a few good things that have the potential of occurring with a Trump presidency:

The further erosion of the credibility of the corporate-controlled media. The continued growth of an "alternative media."

Further exposure of the cronyism that determines our "democratic" system.

The end (or lessening) of Saudi Arabian influence on US policies in the ME.

A turn toward isolationist policies, ending (or lessening) America's disastrous and imperialist polices throughout the world.

A turn away from the globalist trade polices that have destroyed the Western middle class and enriched the 1%. A rebuilding of America's infrastructure.

Personally, I'd also love to see a pardon of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, plus an end to the harassment of Assange.

We'll see if any of this happens. Probably not. But unlike yesterday, at least there's a chance.
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