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Election Day.........
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phallus dei
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Re: Election Day.........
Nov 12, 2016, 15:38
Sin Agog wrote:
I've been strangely haunted by Trump choosing to pilfer the Stones' You Can't Always Get You Want for the music played straight after his acceptance speech. It completely belied the bromides about unity and Hilary's hard-fought campaign uttered just before it. You can only really interpret it as a puckish middle-finger to the world, really.

Trump had been using that song at least since the RNC convention, so it wasn't just whipped out after his acceptance speech. There's multiple ways to interpret it's intended meaning, but I don't see "a middle-finger to the world" as one of them. Whether we like it or not, Trump inspires / speaks to considerable segments throughout the world. Perhaps the song in its context is meant as a middle finger to the establishment which arrogantly decided that the "deplorables" aren't worthy of consideration?
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