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Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
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Natural Sceptic
Natural Sceptic
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Re: Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
Jul 08, 2015, 22:00
What's your opinion on this photograph?

It was taken on 30th June 2015 at 22.31

It shows the nearly full moon through a gap in the trees taken from a stone circle I have constructed in my garden. You can see two of the stones - one is a white one with some daisy flowers dotted around it, and the other is on the right, a darker coloured stone

The moon is aligned with the circle's entrance which is orientated southeast (first emerging rays of the winter solstice, so has with that an association of fertility, birthing, creativity and the like)

The photograph was taken with my phone's camera which is a Sony Z2. The camera is the best I have come across and has compensated the exposure brilliantly (it was almost dark)

What is unusual is what is in the centre of the circle - a sort of vortex or spiral, which has two arms lower down. This anomaly is centered exactly in the circle's centre

I couldn't see this when taking the pic, it appeared once I looked back at what I had taken. I was intending to photograph the moon

I don't know how to post pics here, but they can be seen here

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