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Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
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Natural Sceptic
Natural Sceptic
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Re: Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
Oct 19, 2013, 12:59
tiompan wrote:
Natural Sceptic wrote:
The atmospheric observation has been scientifically proven (Wilhelm Reich was the first and published all manner of papers, and many have repeated his experiments world wide ever since, and still are)

I assume you mean orgone was observed , if so , in what way did Reich prove it scientifically ?

I mentioned Reich and scientific evidence to respond to Sanctuary, as it is this same 'atmospheric phenomena' this thread is about.

Reich's work is too big to go into here. Suffice to say there is much material out there detailing Reich's experiments from cellular level work to collection & accumulation, atmosphere modification and going on to weather patters and even including hurricane and galaxy development. They all follow similar principles of behaviour and can be altered/effected and observed by the naked eye.

There's a hell of lot of total bunkum out there too, but have look here:

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