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Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
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Natural Sceptic
Natural Sceptic
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Re: Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
Oct 18, 2013, 20:50
lol. I haven't 'gone' anywhere, I'm still here in the same place :) This site does not have reply notification, so one must keep checking back. I thought the thread wasn't going so tried elsewhere too...

What sort of 'example' are you after? The water uphill thing? I really don't know is the answer. Water comes out of hillsides though, out of the top of hills/mountains, it rises in Glastonbury tor for example. When I said bringing water channels into an area, I wasn't thinking of bringing them uphill

Really, this is about if anyone knows about a photographic technique. I'm just someone who's interested in energies and would like to photograph them if possible. i don't know much about anything of the ins & outs. I fell as if I'm being cross examined :)
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