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Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
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Natural Sceptic
Natural Sceptic
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Re: Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
Oct 19, 2013, 23:58
nigelswift wrote:
IMO there's a problem with language. When you say....
Natural Sceptic wrote:

One thing, regardless of how one explains anything, is one's own feel of how energies behave in certain areas, and this cannot be ignored. In some ways it is the ultimate acid test. I have seen the same reaction in many other people, some who have very little experience, or even sceptical and watched them react in the same way in these places, after a little time to awake that sensation in them

...., you are implying not only that there are "energies" round stones (which there clearly are - lots of them of different sorts) but also that those energies affect people and that's why the stones were erected.

I'm happy to agree there's a "stone effect" but I don't think it has been shown that it is due to "energies" per se. My own feeling is that it may be due to the effect of aesthetics, satisfying proportionality, our inbuilt fondness for "the natural" and "the antique" etc etc .... in other words, yes stones affect us but it's an internal psychological reaction not something caused by radiant energy.

Proof? I have none - but nor do the proponents of energies. I wonder though if you took a bus load of blind people to a highly "energetic" site would any of them know?!

Your answer has. the stamp of truth, thank-you
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