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Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
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Natural Sceptic
Natural Sceptic
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Re: Epiphanie photography by Gilbert Le Cossec
Oct 14, 2013, 20:54
Earth energies can be manipulated. A stream of telluric energy can be brought in to an area or driven away, much in a similar manner when with the human body energy system - so Reki, acupuncture, Shiatsu etc.

Once a potential site has been decided upon and intent laid down, energy & water channels begin to move into the area.

The 'temple' is constructed with sacred geometry, and sacred dimensions (John Michell 'City of Revelation' and more by him), giving the temple function and purpose

Stones anchor the energy and also act as 'batteries'. Touching standing stones, especially in the early morning sometimes yields a small shock if the energy hasn't been discharged already. Particular stones give different feel whether using 'sun stones' or 'water' ones. Stonehenge's volcanic 'Blue Stones' and granite sarcens is another example, as are Avebury's solar & lunar avenues/circles

The temple can be orientated which further amplifies its energy, and an entrance can be added to enhance the energy further at certain times of year for sunrise/set for example, or indeed have multiple entrances like in Avebury's case

The energy portal created can then be opened, and there you have a sacred site

Anyone can do it, and anywhere to
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