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There's a new sheriff in town.....
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: There's a new sheriff in town.....
Sep 06, 2016, 23:29
Markoid wrote:
dhajjieboy wrote:
That is the most twisted reply to anyone that i have ever read on this site.
And that is seriously going some too.
Sanctioned mass murder in 2016....and a cheering section too...
The human race has learned nothing.
U & I have nothing in common.

Quoting The Daily Record, Howborn.

How low can you go.

I can go very low. But then again a Narco_dealer's sixteen inch blade focussed my mind somewhat, as does the memory of my OH and my child (in his buggy) being threatened by a psycho Narc-Dealer in Edinburgh. Makes you a little less Liberal and less receptive to thoughts of being gentle with such human excreta.

The tens of thousands of mass murders by the Narco-Gangs in The Philippines, Mexico and elsewhere are very well documented and should require little introduction to the liberal-minded, well-educated readers on here. I'm sure those who use them don't mind where they get their drugs from, but probably very carefully source their Coffee from Fairtrade Companies and suchlike. Maybe not, maybe they buy Nescafe and Starbucks coffee.
However, I offer no apologies or excuses for the mass-murdering Narco-Gangs who are destroying these developing countries with western backed money, protected trade-routes, weapons and high-level International Protection. Those gangs truly deserve a little more pain than a quick bullet before they croak, but I do fully understand the Phillipino People's need for prompt action in dealing with armed psycho maniacs (spoiler clue - you have to shoot them dead first before they kill you and your children). I am actually against quick street executions for the scum and would probably support mass hangings and suchlike instead. The ropes could be re-cycled and re-used and may prove more cost effective than expensive ammunition. These mass hangings could provide a festive day out with a celebratory atmosphere while acting as a very public deterrant to the young and easily influenced.

Back in Bonnie Scotland...
Hamilton, the Blackhill Drug-Dealer Butcher and predatory Homo-Rapist went quite low. I mean really low. You wouldn't want a young nephew near him. He picked up young men at gunpoint round Blackhill and Shotts, West Lothian... and... well I'll let the Daily Record tell you. Sorry if it hurts Markoid. This is the quote from the Daily Record.

"Hamilton, originally from Glasgow, operated in Edinburgh and north Glasgow before being jailed in 2000 for a string of violent offences. He was convicted of torture, assault, abduction and drug dealing, and handed a life sentence with a minimum of nine years to serve. A trial was told how he was considered a predatory homosexual who regularly abducted young men and raped them at gunpoint. One of his associates cut off a young man’s finger and tried to gouge his eye out with a spoon. Another male victim was held prisoner for a week and raped repeatedly. Two other victims were stabbed in the face then ordered to stand in a bath so they wouldn’t bleed on the carpet. He ran a network of drug dealers who he ruled through fear and tortured anyone who challenged him."
This story also ran in The Times, Glasgow Herald, The Guardian and The Scotsman (they provided much more salacious details, unusually the Daily Record was quite restrained in its coverage). See I knew a bit about this. I knew one of his victims. Hamilton ran the Smack around West Lothian. Reign of Terror. Dead now. Oh dear, how sad, never mind. No-one misses him. He didn't chop himself up, that was done for him. By people who realised that Hamilton's life sentence hadn't worked and the psychopath was out doing the same again. But worser! You can say that about psycho's... they stick to what they know best and don't change what works!

This isn't about a few hippies lying around rolling a spliff or drinking some mushroom tea maaan... This isn't about a lack of progressive liberal attitudes to tabs of acid and some crusty's drug stash maaaan....This is about chopping Phillipino childrens arms and legs off with machetes, intimidating and murdering populations in the Phillipines, Mexico etc in order to import Smack and Coke into Scotland that Hamilton would happily sell to my teenage son, just after raping him at gunpoint. It's the psychopath Narco-Gangs and Dealers that are the problem... the problem is being removed in some areas. Do we want to be part of the problem... or part of the solution?

I have nothing in common with those who support psychopathic Narco-Gangs and Dealers whether in the Phillipines, Mexico or in Scotland. Those sections of the human race have learned nothing, because there is an Existential War going on in front of them and they refuse to see it.
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