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There's a new sheriff in town.....
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Howburn Digger
Howburn Digger
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Re: There's a new sheriff in town.....
Sep 05, 2016, 21:53
This is an existental struggle for The Philippines, the staging post for much US bound drugs from SE Asia since the 60's. Massive money involved in maintaining supply lines, local power, crooked cops and protected routes to markets.
The new sheriff decided along with the majority of the population that the descent into a full blown Narco-State wasn't an option.
It wont take much browsing on Best Gore or wherever to see the kinda sick and twisted human corpse-dioramas and cadaver-sculptures that the drug-gangs leave behind as warnings in Philippino towns and villages. Favoured tools of these artists are chain-saws and machetes, with car-tyres and petrol their other faves.
We had a smack dealer moved in next door to us in Edinburgh fifteen years ago. I was attacked and subjected to a horrific BIG knife ordeal. My OH was robbed with our four month old child in his buggy. My car was stolen and burned out. There were thirty flats in the block and every one of us suffered. The Housing Association kept the Smack-dealer's flat for the c*nt while he served time in jail. In a stange twist of Fate after he was released, the c*nt was severely injured in a mystery incident involving a metal gate, an inflexible kerb and a fall from a high wall. He didn't walk again afterwards and I'm pretty certain his hands were rendered pretty much unusable. So no dealing, car theft or pretty much anything for him now except drinking soup through a straw. Oh dear how sad never mind. That was fifteen years ago, but things are getting hotter, there have been some disagreements between Eastern European drug gangs in Scotland and our home grown scum. But mostly they just carve each other up. This guy was particularly nasty. He is not missed by anyone I don't think. No.


Obama's Cops don't seem to target drug-dealers, just black guys driving to work and such-like. Obama should STFU about Human Rights for Drug Gangs in the Philippines and properly police his own Narco-State in the USA.

More power to Duterte. If killing the gangs doesn't work maybe the US could give him tips on torture methods which do.
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