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There's a new sheriff in town.....
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Re: There's a new sheriff in town.....
Sep 07, 2016, 15:56
how long before a man who employs the methods of a tyrant within the first 3 months of leadership, begins to snuff out any political opposition too?
Or anyone else that does'nt fit into 'the program'?
I can only suppose that you will be able to rationalize that also.
I find it hard to believe that anyone so openly nihilistic actually found their way to this website.
Your pointing to that psycho/buggerer/heroin dealer in Scotland and his subsequent exit from this world is a flawed arguement too.
He deserved to be 'offed'...i'll give you that, But not the way it occured.
Your Police/judicial system failed your society in that particular case.
I know that here in the USA, anyone that reported to the police what you say occured to you and yours, would have nearly immediate results at that fuckers doorstep....{and i would surely 'Never' tolerate such an offense against myself...much less my family{or friends/nieghbors}, without immediate reprisal}
No way that shit would go down on my avenue.
Believe it.
If you and your nieghbors could'nt rally together to oust that shit from amongst your own radius....well let me tell you....i'll take the USA warts and all, anyday, for quality of life.
Here in Dhajjieville, we look out for one another.
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