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There's a new sheriff in town.....
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Howburn Digger
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Edited Sep 18, 2016, 22:47
Re: There's a new sheriff in town.....
Sep 18, 2016, 22:06
dhajjieboy wrote:
According to this article,
The death count is over 3000 now....


It also implicates this total piece of shit in a further 1000 killings prior to his country's leadership as a local mayor.
Snuffing out political opposition is not beyond 'his' remit also...apparently.

My guess is that this is another mess the USA will have to mop up.

The Narco-Gangs are crumbling in the Philippines thanks to Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Duterte. He is refusing to have his country descend into the utter devastation, horror and chaos of Mexico, the USA's other drug supplier of choice.

The homicide numbers in Mexico mostly down to Mexican Drug Cartels and Narco-Gangs between 2007 and 2014 was an incredible 164,345 people. Yes, that is 164 thousand 3 hundred and 45. Butchery on a grand scale. An awful lot of bodies.

It is on the USA's doorstep and much of the drugs are for US consumption. One CIA plane crashed with four tons of Cocaine on board in the Yucatan.


The Philippines with Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Duterte at the helm are actively opposing the continuation of "The Narco-State of The Philippines" and Uncle Sam ain't happy. The Philippines just can't cope with the nearly 4 Million Methamphetamine addicts the drug gangs have created. The ensuing crime wave to pay for their Meth was rapidly destroying the country. No space in jails for them all, and they keep killing people and robbing others. Maybe some group therapy and some counselling might have changed things over the next hundred years or something. However, Duterte's direct "problem identification", "solution focus" and "winning approach" has crushed the Narco-Gangs grip on his country... and has also just freed the last of those hostages who hadn't been beheaded and chopped up yet. That Norwegian guy is heading back home. Nice. Pity about the 18 year old who lost his head to the Psychos, though at least the executioner called the kid's mum to tell her that he'd just cut her son Patrick's head off. That is what Duterte is dealing with... once you are at that level of violence and psychosis... you have to be quite direct in dealing with them.
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