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police thugs
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Re: police thugs
Apr 09, 2009, 10:44
pooley wrote:
Merrick wrote:
if that was 'one bad officer', why did none of his colleagues pull him back, or indeed respond in any way? Do you really think that was the only incidence of it that day and it just happened to be caught on video? Or does the casual manner in a calm environment imply it is common practice?

And, if it's one bad officer, they must be cloning themselves to do this


This, I point out to you for the third time in the hope you'll actually watch it and consider what it shows (the clue is in the chant of 'this is not a riot') before asserting that this stuff doesn't happen.

All of those coppers are equally as guilty. I am a supporter of the police, and will defend them as much as humanly possible (sorry). But, these actions are an utter fucking disgrace.

But ask yourself, does it look like one or two officers being bastards on their own motivation, or does it look like it was universal practice and - and bear in mind the climate camp footage before ansswering - the premeditated tactic given as an order?

pooley wrote:
these bastards need to be found and charged.

which ones? The entire deployment at climate camp? how about the others that day? I saw dozens and dozens of people there treated like Ian Tomlinson (and I was at the markedly more peaceful climate camp protest and left before they kettled it in the evening and cleared it with dogs and batons)

The definition of 'these bastards' would include the overwhelming majority of officers there on the day, and every officer in charge.

We can expect them, if past performance is anything to go by, to collude on statements and lie outright to cover themselves. If anyone needs to take a fall - and the number of blatantly illegal assaults the police have been seen to do that resulted in no disciplinary charges (let alone criminal convictions) is legion - then they'll make sure it was the poor grunts on the ground who did the batoning, who were being good officers by doing what they were told.

It's what power does to defend itself. Pretend the methods weren't policy but were a rogue few (Abu Ghraib and My Lai, anyone?)

pooley wrote:
Drives me mad, I always talk about how good the police are

Ask yourself - how many officers refused to follow these illegal orders to assault people? how many have turned themselves in or reported their senior officers?

It's not just the odd officer, it's how they work, it's institutional.
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