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police thugs
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Apr 09, 2009, 10:10
shanshee_allures wrote:
IanB wrote:

In terms of creating a fairer society I think of the UK as no more and no less than a swing-state and it is the sum of individual daily actions that will determine the outcome. Protesting someone else's failures is not "doing" any more than you can win an argument with a baton. Real change comes with concerted individual localised daily effort not forming up in massed ranks behind a flag or a marching band and then going home again to await the next clarion call while the outcome is being determined elsewhere.

While there are many serious and committed people involved there are also people who seem to view the whole enterprise of protest either as an ad hoc version of Glasto with the addition of an Urban Warfare Tent or, some kind of hyper adrenilized, state-sponsored spectator sport. Which in some ways is exactly what it is.

Just noticed your post here Ian, you rarely pipe up here but when you do you often make the most consise sense out of any of us!
I'm of the belief that if you take care of your own little world and that which surrounds you then there will be knock on effect of sorts.
I'm involved in lots of things to do with the school and certain community groups and it's not as newsworthy as throwing goo at politicians but to those involved (and me) it means everything and actually achieves more.
I have always sensed a misanthropic streak here at times, now I sort of understand why that is.
The Glasto comparison too is priceless, and I get ye 100%
Cheers, a chink of light at last.


I rarely pipe up here as I know there is a 50/50 chance that I'll disagree with most of what I write the next time I read it!. With Kiss or Van Halen I am on much firmer ground.

If I had to leave my kids with just one idea it would be to urge them to resist those who want to be in gangs and to follow flags, drums and marching bands. I don't care whose side theiy claim to be on. It's all so much hate. Participating on those terms merely feeds the beast. 240 years or so of political history since the Paris Commune teaches us that much. 240 years of the working men and women being on the losing side regardless as to which side was the military victor.

Reading your posts we are more or less of a similar mind.

Individual effort expended in a way that has a noticable effect is a powerful (the most powerful) thing - both for the person making it and for their community. They don't call it exercising political will for nothing. It requires individual effort and work. And there is no virtual equivalent. No political version of Guitar Hero to give one the illusion of having kicked out the jams. How unfashionable is that!
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