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police thugs
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Re: police thugs
Apr 07, 2009, 12:16
Merrick wrote:
It's not a matter of mistakes (which are inevitable) or the occasional bad officer (ditto).

It's the overarching vision they have of needing to maintain authority at all times, no matter if it does more harm than good.

The police violence at the G20 was not about 'mistakes', it was deploying a tried and tested strategy.

Certainly, we have a need for people who track down rapists and burglars and whatnot. That does not in any way balance out the brutality and repression they mete out as standard.

I think that's exceedingly over reactionary and a very misguided statement to make, well done for tarring the whole Police force with the same brush, I'm sure they'll appreciate that when you need them! Just because you've had one or two bad experiences it doesn't mean that the whole police employ the same action. What you experienced is probably the decision of a over reactionary officer in charge, not the decision of the whole police as you are clearly implying.

Tried and tested strategy? From where? To be honest, apart from a few demonstrations I've not seen or heard of any police brutality whatsoever, and I know a lot of activists very well who are involved with a lot of marches which have all ended up very peacefully. Maybe it's just the one's you attend?

Protest violence can be very similar to football violence, it only takes one or two antagonists to kick it all off, the thing is is that no one ever knows who starts it as both sides are too busy blaming each other for it!
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