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How is Rock Art aged?
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Re: How is Rock Art aged?
Dec 17, 2012, 11:53
tiompan wrote:
bladup wrote:
tiompan wrote:
Sanctuary wrote:
bladup wrote:
Not just water but a map of everything [inc energies] in their landscapes [the settlements with it's huts inside are some of the easiest to spot] and i know though practical experience some rock art is just marking the energy within the stone itself and the zig zags and chevrons you see in chambered cairns are also what people saw under altered states, like i always say if you look when you have had whats in their beakers [before the beer and mead] then you'd understand the rock art in a way that brings you very close to the ancesters motives, i assure you of that, once you've had what they've had [the rock art proves this] at the places they did - the great stone circles and chambered cairns it all makes a lot more sense.

Is there a particular marked rock that you know that would prove your claim Paul?

Zig zags , chevrons spirals all the important motifs found in passage grave engravings are also found in childrens drawings , there is no suggestion that the children were influenced by experiences from ASC 's these motifs are the common currency of the humans everywhere .
There is no evidence for any use of anything hallucinogenic from any beakers or pottery found in Neolthic or Bronze Age Britain or Ireland .
You might imagine if the engravers had taken anthing hallucinogenic and allowed it to influnece their art it would be much more varied and not nearly so repetitive and conservative .

Yes the patterns are deep rooted in our brains, kids may draw them, migraines [and other stuff] can also cause people to see them but hallucinogens are by far and away the most common and clear way to see these patterns [in the mind, in the landscape and on/in the rocks], and by now you should know that we "know and learn" things in very different ways, i have nothing to prove to you and your books, as your lack of knowledge on this subject you hold so dear is amazing to me, but you keep living in your little bubble where you know everything and i know nothing [and everyone else to be honest], i'm someone you could learn a little off but all you do is show why your stuck where you are on the subject, sorry Sanctuary but i'm not going round and round with this small minded fool again, it's sad as i think i could have a great chat about this with you and the other open minded people on here, but this "know it all" is determined to make sure it doesn't happen as we would like it to, it's odd that isn't it? maybe it's because people might realise he knows fuck all on the subject really, whats mental is the fact that he puts down things he can't prove are wrong even though the madman thinks he is actually doing just that [all the bloody time]. Sanctuary even asked you "So have you not 'moved on' in your understanding of them at all then George or are you still evaluating?" it's a good point because it looks like you just want us all to think you know about them [you only know where to find some, as we all do] but when it comes to answers you don't have anything that makes sense but are very very quick to rubbish others [with no proof that their wrong at all], it's all a very unfunny joke, and over to Nigel and Harryshill for your defence.......like i said it's all a very unfunny joke.

LOL , usually it takes a few more posts before the paranoia kicks in the abuse starts and anything approaching a discusion follows the toys out of the pram . Not one response to any of the points .No need for migraines , hallucinogens , drumming , sleep deprivation ,these motifs are part of our biological inhertance . Do you think the children who drew these motifs had done so as a result of these effects ?
No mention of the the lack of evidence for anything hallucinogenic from any beakers or pottery found in Neolthic or how ingestion of hallucinogens might actually have an effect on the engravers to come up with something a bit more interesting and less conservative and repetitive . Not that there was any likelihood of an argument in the first place but the old adage of lack of content being in direct proportion to volume of abuse applies as ever .

You really know so little about this, and it's quite funny that you can't even see it.
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