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Listen 2 The Doors???
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Edited Apr 23, 2008, 15:41
Re: Listen 2 The Doors???
Apr 23, 2008, 14:46
Ah Mooncat you are the son / father / brother I never had ...

Authenticty is a total dead-end street and at the end of that street lives Mojo Man in mortal fear of a knock on the door from the discography police. Rock and roll either gets you off or it doesn't and I am not sure I much care how grim, poor, obscure, overlooked, suicidal, toothless, gnarly, bonkers or downright deceased the artist is. The fact that a lot of wonderful and undersold artists have to snuff it in order to get their fifteen minutes in the sun is the ultimate irony of Mojo World. It so much easier to catalogue and weigh the merits of an artist when they are done with recording, performing and er .... breathing.

As for the Kiss / Jimbo / Van Halen thing I am sure quite as soon as DLR is dead he will be declared a genius - the Cab Calloway of metal blah blah. Whereas Ace, Gene and Paul will no doubt be hoisted onto the shoulders of the critics the world over and paraded through town as Godfathers of Punk of some such nonsense. Vince Neill probably not so much .....

BTW does Orgkar The Hellfish have an album out? I have room in my collection for maybe one more record and this sounds like a keeper ...
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