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Listen 2 The Doors???
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Moon Cat
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Re: Listen 2 The Doors???
Apr 23, 2008, 13:53
Cool debate and stuff. I think it's ironic that we are now in a time where, for the last few years, we have been sold a glut of supposedly 'authentic' singer/songwriters - yer Blunts, Meluas etc - culminating in the Brit school acoustic soul of Adele and Duffy (who apparently had a goth rock past she's quiet about) and these hyper-marketed and groomed troubadours are apparently 'real', a case of the deliberate lack of style triumphing over genuine substance I think.

It amazes me that this sort of thing is still percieved as some apogee of authenticity 'cos someone's standing there singing about having no girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other with an acoustic guitar, whereas a bloke that spray paints his face, calls himself "Orgkar The Hellfish" and sings about slaying orcs is somehow not 'meaning' it and isn't 'real'. Personally, I'm with "Orkgar" cos anyone can stand there with a guitar and a jumper and jeans and moan a bit, - it takes balls of steel (His new album by the way) to be that daft and probably really mean it far more than any troubled troubadour or post-punk Ian Curtis wannabe.

I remember that old quote from Dave Lee Roth "The reason music critics love Elvis Costello is 'cos most of them look like him".
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