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Listen 2 The Doors???
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Moon Cat
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Edited Apr 22, 2008, 17:40
Re: It's KISS mocking time again
Apr 22, 2008, 17:06
And what exactly is 'real' rock n roll?
You sound like Bob Harris on an ancient Old Grey Whistle Test when he called the New York Dolls 'Mock Rock' thereby giving them a compliment, unbeknowing to him.

Rock n roll has always had a great deal of artifice about it, whether you're KISS or Joy Division or bleedin' Bob Dylan. Have you seen "Hearts of Fire"?!!
jeez and he's a suposed face of 'credibilty' in music. "Real"?

This whole notion that anything that presents a spectacle and is, God forbid, actually fucking entertaining, is 'fake', over the 'realness' of a dour, chin stroking anal-ysis of the human condition, hopefully with a frontman exuding the requisite suffering and 'reeeealness" is, and always has been, toss. There's room for all. Curry OR Ice cream? Why not curry AND Ice Cream. Why not fun AND angst? What's more 'real'? They are all onstage.
They are all performing in some way. And they want you to like them for it too and they are lying if they say otherwise.

Loads of rock in roll is 'fake' More than two takes and you're out. Real, schmeal. Some of it is more honest about being 'fake' though.

Deal with it.
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