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Listen 2 The Doors???
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Edited Apr 22, 2008, 09:09
Re: It's KISS mocking time again
Apr 22, 2008, 08:46
paradox wrote:

Ya all wrong of course.

If ya can't appreciate the spectacle and cheese combined then you're missing out big style!

Aye aye captain. Jimbo was Dave Lee Roth with symbolist poetry and better trousers but it's the same basic deal. There's a lot to be said for rock stars being young, dumb, well read and full of come. And I don't mean like Aubrey Beardsley either.

DLR didn't need the poetry to get his thing across in 1977, he needed to get tighter trousers and jump faster higher and longer and make sure his his guitar player played faster harder and longer than anyone else. But you can bet he'd read all the same stuff as Morrison. Van Halen and Kiss were every much a reaction to cheesecloth soft rock and the stadium yawn as the Dolls and Pistols.

Brings me back to the Harmonia show last Friday - when was it decided that rock could be denuded of its element of spectacle? Whether we are talking Little Richard or Hawkwind or Kraftwerk or Miles, all the true greats have that showbiz thing about them.
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