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Listen 2 The Doors???
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Edited Apr 22, 2008, 12:59
Re: It's KISS mocking time again
Apr 22, 2008, 12:30
riotmaster wrote:

granted i only saw VH with Roth once (84) but it was a flabby, self indulgent borefest. with a solo spot from 3 members in the space of 70 odd minutes. padded out with twiddly fucking solos by EVH and lame raps from Mr Roth

only saw Kiss minus make up which only went to reinforce my view that they have NO songs

if they'd have been from Rotherham rather than NYC no fucker would've given em the time of day

thats my view and i'm sticking to it :-)

fake rock n roll wont save your soul!

You saw VH too late. It was all over by 84. The tours around the first two albums were totally brilliant. Not a bloat in sight. As for Kiss I am with them all the way up to Destroyer then it's just horrible and cynical. Then again I've not liked an Iggy studio record since New Values. Most of the regular meat and potates rock and roll I like is from 78 or prior.
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