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Myths, truths and theories - Stonehenge
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Re: Myths, truths and theories - Stonehenge
Sep 04, 2010, 23:41
Perhaps a rather obvious question - so advance apologies to all the archaeologists - but has anyone ever come up with a plausible reason as to why Stonehenge is just so, well, different to any other site in these Isles? To my knowledge no other surviving site has utilised the 'trilithon' configuration, so where did the idea come from? A group of classical immigrants? And why were the Bluestones deemed so important to be continuously recycled. I've been to Carn Meini and assumed that I'd seen quarry sites there, with unused roughouts lying about? The glaciation theory would mean these were natural weathering?

I guess the bluestone glaciation debate will run and run... don't think there is currently enough data for a conclusive answer, if that will ever be possible... but bearing in mind the uniqueness of the site and that something seriously important was obviously going on at Stonehenge, why would there appear to have been no attempt at imitation - even on the most basic scale - anywhere else? Other ideas seem to have caught on pretty fast..
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