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Myths, truths and theories - Stonehenge
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Re: Myths, truths and theories - Stonehenge
Sep 05, 2010, 06:45
megadread wrote:
GLADMAN wrote:
but bearing in mind the uniqueness of the site and that something seriously important was obviously going on at Stonehenge, why would there appear to have been no attempt at imitation - even on the most basic scale - anywhere else? Other ideas seem to have caught on pretty fast..

Maybe it was one last attempt to save a dying "religion", or a way of life.
I guess we'll never know.

That would be my take on it as well Geoff. The coming to the end of a way of life and a possible take-over from 'outsiders' with alternative or new beliefs. The whole site would appear to be a bastardisation of various ideas/cultures/beliefs that just continually throw spanners into the works and prevent out true understanding of it. One thing is for sure though, IF the bluestones were dragged from Wales then it was for one hell of a good reason that people would put themselves to SO much trouble for and I think that makes for the most important issue. I don't personally think all of it, maybe one stage only, was for the 'ancestors' as MPP thinks but for their own continuence of life into the hereafter. That, to my way of thinking, was THE most important reason of all to sweat and toil like your very life depended on it....which of course it would have done!!
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