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Myths, truths and theories - Stonehenge
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Re: Myths, truths and theories - Stonehenge
Sep 05, 2010, 17:59
I should mention that when I was in Egypt I visited the Temple of Dendera and was invited to look at where the 'caretaker' lived...up on the roof! The flat stone roof was contructed of massive stones some 6ft wide and around 20ft in length and at the ends were cut out open dovetail joints. So if you can imagine it when two stones were joined end to end it left an open double dovetail joint to which they amazingly crafted this huge locking dovetail piece which they then inserted. As I've said I am a chippy by profession but these guys make you blush with their precisionship because you couldn't slip a knife blade between the joints. You have to ask...how the hell did they do it?

With you there Sanctuary. I passed by Dendera (in a clapped out old taxi) back in the 90s and even from the car window the place looked amazing. Wish now I'd stopped off for a ganders but was on my way to Abydos. Jeeze... you talking about moving big blocks of Mother Earth and fitting them together then Abydos is the place. Blocks as big as a London bus and then some!
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