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Myths, truths and theories - Stonehenge
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Re: Myths, truths and theories - Stonehenge
Sep 03, 2010, 07:08
What the hell. None of this is actually that important compared with poverty and hunger, but it would be nice to get the truth of this matter sorted out, wouldn't it?

Yes, though speculation is half the fun :-)

The portico of the Pantheon consists of three rows of eight columns (each 46 ft high) of Egyptian granite. The task of hewing, dressing and transporting the stones from Egypt to Rome, without (modern) machinery, is mind boggling but it was done. I can't see any real (practical) difference between transporting the Bluestones from Wales to Wiltshire or transporting the Pantheon columns from Egypt to Rome. That's not to say that the Bluestones didn't get to Wiltshire through glaciation(s) but is it not also reasonable to speculate that they could have been transported there by the Stonehenge builders?

Seem to remember that the Pantheon columns were found to be a couple of foot too short when they got to Rome, and that some of the mortise and tenon joints at Stonehenge are in the wrong place. Same thing with the Hubble telescope and flat pack furniture. Transport the things thousands of miles only to find they don't fit ; -)
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