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Re: Mr Carr
Jul 31, 2007, 14:40
Hi Goff -

goffik wrote:
Hi Paulus!

I'm not so sure that's the way it is... Y'see, the way I see it is that we get quite a few antagonists appearing on this site (quite a few who have been previously banned and return under rather flimsy pseudonyms!) - their sole intention seems to be to create bad feeling among other contributors...

Hmmm...perhaps it's a northern thing then...? (or izzit just me?) I s'ppose I've gotta ask: what's the real problem with antagonists? Some of them can actually make you think, differently. And that's gotta be good. Some evoke the old emotional 'AAARRRGGHHHH!!! - F**k off" exclamation, obviously - but that's summat I think, if we're emotionally and psychologically strong - or rather, 'adult' - we can deal with. Otherwise there's the potential for something to become little other than a clique, where alternate views or disagreements are fled from, instead of musing over. And I know that there are different educational and evolutional levels to each and everything we explore, but in occluding some we reinforce the clique mentality - and that's gotta be wrong, surely?

goffik wrote:
I don't think LS is out of order at all. In fact he probably speaks for quite a few of us (who, rather sensibly, just avoid eye-contact with aforementioned idiots! ;o) )!

Echoing what I've just said: there are also quite a few TMA people I've spoke to (via emails and first-person) who think the contrary. Occasionally they emerge and make the passing remark that they can't be arsed anymore, but they're simply not into having to make any effort into trying to widen or challenge the parameters. They can't be bothered arguing (though I think the word used by the forum folk would be 'discussiuon' - though it turns out to be something very different many times). Surely that's bad innit? Cliquey? I spent 6 months thinking "Fuck TMA" for such reasons (but my arrogance brought me back!) - and there are notably others who have stopped adding sites similarly. Not good. I think we need to widen a bit more tolerance in disagreement - wot d' y' think?

Howzabout - those who don't like people disagreeing with them should piss off; and those who enjoy a good argument encouraged!? Or, perhaps, widen the forum into differing subject matters, as elsewhere? We could have HA section, where the politics of megaliths and those really into that can waffle and argue to their heart's content. A NewAge section where ley-hunters and energy-liners can dowse their little ways? Pure archaeomancers, where the nitty-gritty of archaeology is reeled over? A Myth & Folklore section, for the mythographers and fairy-hunters among us? We've just entered Europe after all - howzabout widening the forums aswell...?

goffik wrote:
Hope all is good at your end!
G x

Cheers for asking! VERY good at this end for various reasons. How's your Well's wbsite coming alongby the way? Any further development?

Cheers - Paul
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