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Re: Silbury updates
Jul 16, 2007, 19:06
[quote="Next month there's a rumour that a Punch and Judy show will be held on site with the possibility of a media circus to follow ;-)[/quote]

"Oh no there won't!" (retort)...

I have to say that the tunnel update was very well written if far too short, give us more !!! Sorry I don't get this accoustic thing, as far as I'm concerned it has merely stored up more trouble with folk wanting and believing they can access the hill in the future!

One mini point I would like to make - isn't the term "mini Silbury" counterfactual ? You can build a mini-mound perhaps in this time space, or mini-motte more like, spoil heap certainly, but mini Silbury ? Surely it undermines attempts to explain Silbury in any rational terms let alone in terms of sophistication. If this was said to young people I can't see how they would understand the scale of operations, as for older folk from my home town ...

"What did you do today Mycroft ?"

"Well I went and built a mini Silbury then I went on the lash at the Diogenese Club, didn't I !"

Sorry about this...

Its that blooming cereal, it is you know...

VBB :o)
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