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Robert Carr
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Edited Jul 01, 2007, 08:23
English Heritage - Another side
Jun 29, 2007, 07:15
It's plainly apparent that English Heritage is not a favourite amongst certain TMA members, indeed the bile and abuse aimed at this organisation shows that feelings are strong.

Personally I cannot comment on the issues regarding Silbury, firstly through ignorance and secondly because I live the north of the UK and have no attachment or interest in Avebury, Silbury etc. However I would like to comment on an English Heritage project in my part of the world.

Every summer since 2004 English Heritage have been conducting an excavation at the Chester Amphitheatre. The site is freely accessible to visitors who are encouraged to walk the site and observe the excavation team in action. All the staff are helpful and willing to stop and chat about their work. Across the road at the Chester Visitor's Centre there is an exhibition of finds on display and the official website is informative and kept up to date.

Now I do not doubt that there may be shortcomings with the current Silbury excavation but my point is that at least in Chester they have got it right and deserve to be commended for that.

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